True wealth is a feeling, not a number.

And it should feel great!

What if I told you that the only thing stopping you from becoming wealthy is your own mindset and that it’s directly connected to your Unfinished Business?

People often think that money and wealth are the same thing when in reality, they’re not!

Wealth is a feeling, not a number!

Wealth is a practice, a mindset, a skill, an understanding, and a way of being. It is a mirror for your beliefs and a reflection of how you think, what stories you carry and tell yourself, and how you have been trained to see the world of wealth and abundance. 

Money on the other hand is the vehicle to wealthy living, but it is not the driver. You are… and so is your past!

Money is a relationship that needs care, understanding, and for most people: healing. It is the most accurate report card from your life class on self-worth.

Through one-on-one coaching, I’ve helped many clients with their financial literacy and relationship to money.

Together, we’ll:

  • Delve deep into your story, patterns, and beliefs around money
  • Learn what your financial archetypes are to gain insight into how you are hard-wired around money
  • Discuss key behavioral finance concepts
  • Get into the differences between making and managing money
  • Understand the differences between buying assets instead of collecting liabilities
  • Get you thinking like an owner instead of an employee (even if you don’t own a business!)
  • Work on your understanding around the energy of money
  • Discuss your cash courage and cash karma
  • Help you develop the art of spending, not just saving

Are you ready to heal your relationship to wealth and money?

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