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Thank You
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What clients are saying

"Melanie is a truly a world class coach. She has a profoundly effective method of getting to the root of what’s keeping her clients from achieving the results they want in all areas of their lives. She works closely with her clients to systematically clear the roadblocks and take them to new heights.

Melanie has a proven track record of helping some of the world’s most successful leaders make real change and achieve breakthrough results. She’s intuitive, empathetic, funny, yet firm and brings tremendously positive energy, focus and optimism to every conversation.

Her work is deep, powerful, transformative and quite frankly, profound. If you’re truly looking for real, permanent change in your life…. you’ve found it."
Andrew Bailey
CEO The & Partnership
"It's hard to put into words what happened in our coaching sessions, Melanie has the most incredible grace in her approach to each of our innermost workings.

She's tough, she's real, and she finds you right where you're at... but be ready to work! The personal and professional growth you will make will blow your mind. I have so much to be grateful for in the space she allowed me to find in myself. She continues to be a mentor, a friend and one of the most special and brilliant people I have ever known."
Lynette Lovelace
CEO and Founder of Life Therapy luxury fragrance and body care
"Part Coach, part spiritual guide, part business savant , Melanie transformed every aspect of my life in the span of just a few months.

I could feel the shift immediately during our first session and I continue to feel a shift each and every time we meet.

She has a superpower that enables her to cut through what can seem to be a tangled mess of insurmountable problems and provides actionable advice that, when followed, results in immediate change.

She helped me to uncover the root of my self-doubt, unlocking potential inside of me that I never knew existed.

She made me see myself and my future in a completely different light by giving me the gift of clarity. I am on a completely different trajectory now because of my work with her.

It’s as though she has introduced me to the real me and the life I always intended to live. "
Kelly Stevens
Managing Director at Spring Studios
"The most important thing Melanie taught me was the deep value and power of forgiveness. Understanding me profoundly well, she encouraged me to trust and to continue to believe in great love and the endless possibilities in life.

Our conversations helped me to discover the role that the past played in my life even today, shining a light into dusty compartments that I didn’t even know existed. With Melanie’s guidance, I sought to clear those spaces out and be less burdened by past hurts.

Our work together has been profoundly life-changing. Within a few seconds of meeting with her, we forged a bond—and her presence demonstrated the art of forgiving and letting go. Melanie, you are a bright light in my life. Something larger than either of us can fully comprehend brought us together, and I will always be incredibly grateful."
Lindi Lee
Princeton Alumni President, Financial Expert, American political commentator, campaign advisor, the youngest female congressional candidate in U.S history, and one of Forbes Magazine's "Ones to Watch"
"Melanie Smith has a unique set of gifts that she offers her clients. She is remarkably clairvoyant, effortlessly seeing through the emotional fog so many of us are lost within. And because she is such a good communicator, she is able to share what she sees in a direct and concise way.

There’s something of a wise-woman in her as well, almost an ancient knowing, where we feel that we are not only seen, but understood on a profoundly deep level—and know, in no uncertain terms, that she cares for us, fiercely, like a mama lion. Add her joyful, robust love of life, and it is no wonder that so many evolutionary souls seek her out and benefit from her practical guidance."
Geoffrey Rose, Ph.D.
Therapist, Author of the Best-Selling Book "When You Reach The End of Your Rope, Let Go!"
"Melanie is the Marie Kondo of the mind, heart, body and soul. She is a cornucopia of riches displaying equal parts wisdom, compassion, guidance, and acceptance. Her profound perception and enthusiastic devotion have a way of bringing you back to your harmonic self and creating a deep sense of order to your inner and outer world.

She is a healer of the past and a catalyst for your highest potential and greatest future. Her work is unprecedented.

Surround yourself with her love of life. Walk in tandem with her tireless pursuit of happiness. Follow her beam and you will never be lost again. Melanie changes lives…every day."
David Guç
Legendary Agent, Producer and Former owner of The Gersh Agency and Former President of Innovative Artists and CEO of Vanguard Management

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"Melanie’s work with people is invaluable. Her understanding of loss, change, and forgiveness, as well as life’s inevitable transitions, contributes greatly to her process of moving people towards their mastery of happiness and well-being. Her skillful use of the principles of positive psychology and its evidence-based practices combined with her deep compassion and intuition makes her impact on people truly unique. She is a bright light in the lives of many. I am proud to call her a student and a friend."
Tal Ben-Shahar
Harvard Professor, Author of International Best Sellers "Happier" and "Being Happy"
"Melanie Smith is nothing short of a total powerhouse. Honestly, I’ve searched long and hard to find a coach like her and she is 100% the most authentic coach I have found, bar none. This is a woman who’s invested her life in learning the skill and art of mentoring. Her studious nature and real-life experience come through in every single session. Not only does she walk her talk, but she holds me to a bar and standard that I didn’t really understand existed until her.

And while she is tough, she’s also incredibly loving. Her wisdom and coaching have pushed me to make major strides in my business and life in a small amount of time. She has energy like no other coach/mentor I have ever encountered. Her deep spiritual understanding, as well as evidence-based approach to coaching, has opened doors for me and moved me through blocks I’ve been contending with for longer than I care to admit. Not only is she incredibly inspiring, but her heart is as pure as gold. I know without a single doubt that she has my very best interest at heart and is fully invested in my journey.

Having a coach as invested as she is in me is priceless. I really couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ve learned so much since I began working with her all the while feeling both cared for and deeply challenged. Thank you so much Melanie, our work together has been incredibly profound, and I am deeply grateful!"
Jennifer Racioppi
Women's Health & Success Coach, Astrologer, Author of Cosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic With Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness
"Melanie helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life. It was a major time of transition. I had no idea what direction my personal or professional life would take. It was Melanie who guided me spiritually, mentally and professionally. She helped me find my way.

I am currently the Founder and CEO of one of the country’s largest raw foods company, Brad’s Raw Foods, and the author of Brad’s Raw Made Easy, published by Random House. Through Melanie’s guidance, love and support, I was able to build the life that was TRULY meant for me. My business and my life, as a whole, is one that is built on passion and authenticity. I never feel like I am working a day in my life, because I love what I do and who I’ve become. Working with Melanie changed my life."
Brad Gruno
CEO of Brad’s Raw Foods, Author, and Activist for a Better World
"Melanie Smith is one of those rare jewels that shines with intelligence, creativity, wisdom, beauty and heart. Everything I have seen Melanie do, she does well, even brilliantly. As a friend and co-visioner, her wisdom and guidance has always been spot on. As an inspiration, she raises my bar to a fuller expression of who I am and who I can be.

She has astounding insight, compassionate grace, delightful humor, and a grand sense of possibility — [she’s] willing to play big in the world. And did I say she does it all with a distinctly feminine grace? She is a living incarnation of the Goddess: Power and sensitivity, fully integrated as an expression of the divine."
Anodea Judith
Ph.D., World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Best-Selling Author of "Eastern Body, Western Mind"
"Melanie Smith is an insightful, trustworthy and dedicated guide, coach and teacher who has a unique way of helping people navigate their way through life’s greatest transitions, as well as help them heal from their past.

By sharing her compassion, wisdom and even humor, Melanie’s gift of sincere guidance helps us to understand and accept our heartbreak and loss without bypass. Because of her own experiences with loss and grief, coupled with her deep understanding of life and forgiveness, Melanie’s approach to serving others comes from a place of true understanding and sincere empathy.

She uses the techniques and tools that helped her turn her own challenges and pain into a life of positivity and great purpose. Some of these tools include her personally designed programs based in years of study and practice, positive psychology, yoga, diet, meditation and profound inner work. Melanie is a true gift and is fully devoted to supporting others on their own path toward healing and creating a life of wholehearted joy."
Seane Corn
Internationally Renowned Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Activist, Co-Founder of "Off the Mat, Into the World", and Creator of Award-Winning DVDs for Gaiam, Yoga Journal, and Sounds True
"Justice Felix Frankfurter once wrote that the greatest praise you can give is to say that you would bet on someone. I would bet on Melanie Smith to help you choreograph your best life. Using proven techniques from her academic study in psychology, leadership, holistic health, nutrition, & grief recovery, combined with her endless nurturing, insight, & love, she helps you excavate the best of what you have within, coaching you at every turn. As someone leading a complex life, I have found her integrated approach to be empowering, effective, inspiring & profound. Whether you are in crisis, transition, or just wondering if your best could be even better, with Melanie as the wind at your back you will soar into the life you’ve always imagined."
Flavia Colgan
Democratic Strategist, Political Contributor for MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, On-Air Personality for ESPN, and Editorial Board Member/Columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, Founder of The Colgan Foundation
"Melanie’s purpose is to bring love mainstream."
Panache Desai
Author of the national best sellers "You Are Enough" "Discovering Your Soul Signature". Named one of this decade's thought leaders by Oprah

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Inspired by these testimonials and ready to claim your success?

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"Melanie is a coach's coach.

Wise beyond words, and with an intuition that sometimes seems to defy logic, she has a unique way of melding the science, research and decades of training with heart, empathy and grace.

Melanie listens between the words and helps to unwrap the layers of stories and beliefs that we tend to surround ourselves with. Funny, witty and charming, Melanie helped me see the deeper truth of my past in ways that feel in alignment with and of service to my most empowered future. She's a game changer."
Petra Kolber
Keynote speaker, Nationally Renowned Fitness Expert and Best Selling Author of The Perfection Detox
My experience with Melanie Smith, Master Coach!

As a very active (still extremely professionally involved) 78-year-old, I must admit, I’ve had my share of coaches over the years. All came highly recommended, all were helpful, all had great qualifications and all delivered. But none quite like Melanie Smith.

  I was quick to “get” and take advantage of her breadth of experience and that breadth was expansive!

She promised to work with me to help me find the right “container” for the next years of my life, not too tight and not too big. (She had me at “hello!!!”)

I sought her coaching on the following broad spectrum of topics that included:
-Personal financial matters (my own quirks around being the money maker but leaving the money management to others!)
-Business partnerships and their collapse and tips towards moving on!
-Office aggravations as I sought to let go of staff and bring new people on.
-Career “transitions” from being an entrepreneur with a large organization to a solopreneur with a tiny one
-Marketing the “new me” (using my thought leader and author status to redefine myself in new ways)
-Opening the “kimono” about my own treasured long-time marriage and how to continue to nurture it to meet both of our needs
-The giant place that work has always had in my life and how not to let it go but to potentially whittle it down, at least a bit

The list continues….

I take a mountain of notes at every session and place them gently in my “Melanie” file, which grows bigger and bigger.

She gives me a great deal to think about, offers “straight talk” when necessary (always warmly), and has a wonderful sense of humor and great laugh! I am glad to recommend her and glad to chat with anyone who is trying to make that decision.
Dr. Beverly Kaye
Founder & CEO of Career Systems International, Author of 4 WSJ best-sellers, global thought-leader, and the 2018 recipient of the ATD's Lifetime Achievement and ISA's Thought Leadership Award. Internationally recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and practical professionals in the areas of career development, employee engagement, and talent retention.
"I worked with Melanie after a phase of unexpected growth with a new start up that lead into serious growing pains. I wasn’t prepared to be a public figure, but Melanie’s compassionate coaching made me feel safe, confident and bound for greatness.

She helped me overcome many old patterns that were keeping me small, helped me structure practical models necessary for my growth and success, and gave me endless tools to help me continue to grow after our time working together was completed. I feel like I always have a sophisticated, savvy ‘coach’ in my corner, all I need to do is pick up the phone and ask."
Melanie Maslany
CEO and Founder of Elements of Aura
"What I love about working with Melanie is that she is a real person - she's been through it, she understands real life - motherhood, having a high-power career, having a demanding schedule and still wanting it ALL. She can see through my patterns and behaviors to find the most loving way to move me in the right direction to meet my goals. I have worked with Melanie for years, with some on and some off time and have said, my life is better with Melanie in it. I enjoy myself and my life more and I shine brighter when I'm working with her."
Allison Rutkowski
Mother of 2, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, & Senior Vice President of Operations at Syneos Health
"I love working with Melanie! She’s our ‘go to guru’ for marketing, branding, business, design and professional clarity. Her brilliance is in the original way she sees the world and how that translates into what’s strategically practical and successful. There is simply no one like her"
Marilee Adams
Ph.D., Bestselling author of "Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life", Founder and CEO of Inquiry Institute International
"Amidst the jumbled, disjointed, and disheartening world we often find ourselves in, Melanie is an elixir of holistic wisdom, humor, optimism, and clarity. Whether our focus is on organizational design and culture, the language that best activates stakeholders, or the misleading attractions of kale, Melanie’s integrative approach has helped me recognize and embrace how leadership is a full body/mind/spirit enterprise.

After just six months of working with her, I not only have greater confidence in my existing skills and purpose, but more importantly, I am far more certain in my ability to continue to grow, to go all the places I still need to go to be the kind of leader I want to be. That I feel motivated and joyful about the paths ahead, rather than daunted or threatened or spent, is an exquisite gift.

Melanie brings perspectives and learnings from so many different disciplines and life experiences (of her own and others), there is no terrain we can’t explore. Each session is like a Yellowstone of discoveries. Our conversations range from the most micro of questions and dilemmas to inspiring philosophical reckonings about our state of existence, plus all the connections between the two.

I mean, who else can weave together practices in meditation, the case studies of CEOs, while offering life-long take-aways from soap operas and stand-up comics? I leave each session invigorated and more thoughtful. I feel privileged to now have Melanie’s one of a kind voice and insight in my head, heart, and breath as I make my way through this extraordinary time."
Zak Berkman
Producing Artistic Director, CEO People's Light
"Having worked personally with numerous coaches, as well as professionally being involved with many more within the coaching industry, I can unequivocally state that Melanie stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Melanie brings an outstanding combination of wisdom, enthusiasm, empathy, intelligence, experience, and insight when working with clients.

Furthermore, Melanie is excellent at discerning the right time to act as a coach, a consultant, a teacher/mentor, or simply a trusted confidant who can sit and be there with you in the moment. Her toolkit is extensive and her downright mastery of her craft allows her to know exactly which tool is right for the job at hand.

Combine that with all her remarkable professional, business, and personal life experience, and you get a preeminent coach with an absolute wealth of knowledge and true, deep, earned wisdom.

Having so much at her disposal makes Melanie capable of moving with you as you repeatedly grow from one level to the next. It is so difficult to pin down exactly what Melanie does and how she helps, so I will say this: No matter what area of life or type of problem I have thrown at her, Melanie has never failed to be of great assistance. I am in a completely different and far better place in my life having worked with her.

Melanie is a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind coach who is beyond capable at helping you change your life in positive and meaningful ways. Quite frankly, it is a blessing to have her in your life and I absolutely cannot recommend her highly enough."
Chris Gaskill
Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Inspired by these testimonials and ready to claim your success?

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"Yoga is a constant in Melanie’s life, on and off the mat… she has shown me how her joy for life and love of people is the true yoga."
Cindy Crawford
Supermodel, Entrepreneur, and Mom
"When I first came to Melanie, I had just retired from a 40-year career with the airlines. I was searching for my new passion, and to find what would nourish my soul in all areas of my life. Unbeknownst to me, I had to arrive at a place of inner peace in order to achieve this. Through my work with Melanie, I learned how to clear any emotional obstacles and self-defeating inner dialog, as well as how to come to a place of forgiveness in order to gain the clarity that I needed to move forward, not just professionally, but in all aspects of my life.

Under Melanie’s thoughtful yet intense guidance, I have been able to reinvent not only my professional life, but also my spiritual existence and my interpersonal relationships. I learned that I had a potential for happiness and personal growth that I never knew was possible.

Not only did I become myself, version 2.0, but I have gained a new muse and friend. Melanie is a force of nature. I highly recommend her coaching and programs to everyone!"
Brian Ruffing
Ex-Airline Executive, Entrepreneur, Chef, and Bespoke Garden Designer
"Melanie Smith is an inspiration, a true leader and visionary. She ignites the room with her smile & effervescent beauty that shines from inside & out…I would enthusiastically sign up for anything she ever put her magic touch on. She is that good!!"
Gina Murdock
Founder & Director of Aspen Yoga Society, Editor at Origin Magazine
"I came to Melanie after years of being stuck. I thought I had "done the work" and that I was destined to live forever with the unfinished business of dealing with deep and life-transforming traumas. I had struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation (and had attempted it twice and was hospitalized), not to mention a pervasive and deep sense of unworthiness for most of my adulthood.

Even though I had "achieved" at the highest levels (i.e., a writer, of best-selling and critically acclaimed novels, an entrepreneur, serving as a ghostwriter for some of the world's greatest minds and talents, and a mother to two extraordinarily gifted and talented children) I stayed in the shadows of my life. I told myself I preferred being in the background and playing it small so others I believed worthier than I could have the limelight. I believed deeply I never would "have" what others had because something was seriously flawed and wrong with me. I was destined to be invisible.

Even though I had done years of Cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, intensely spiritual and yoga retreats, met gurus (Ram Dass among them), gone on pilgrimages, listened to and read upwards of a thousand self-help and inspirational books (Byron Katie, Jim Rohn, Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, and many more), meditated, repeated affirmations, took courses on somatics, yoga, and mindfulness, I couldn't get past my blocks. I thought I had done all the forgiving there was to do. I thought I had released all the pain and deep hurt I had experienced, and this was just "life."

But after working with Melanie, I realized, as Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk says, "the body keeps the score." Working with her I released years of pent-up sadness, rage, fear, resentment, and all the unfinished business I needed to put to rest. Melanie helped me hold a vision of the highest version of myself throughout the process. Within a month of completing my coaching, I was back at my desk and writing for me--not clients, not as a ghost--but for me. I finished the novel in six weeks. Not only did it transform my professional life, but it opened something in me, and I began to see all the ways I had been limiting myself in all areas of my life.

Even though I had told myself I was "limitless" for years with affirmations and the like, nothing had changed until I did this work with Melanie. This work changes you on a cellular and energetic level. For the first time in my life, my body and mind, and soul got the message in a way they never could before. I am forever changed, and forever grateful to Melanie and this work. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Mary Curran Hackett
Author of Proof of Heaven and Proof of Angels, and forthcoming, Who Is Helen Dryden?
"When someone has a true gift for something, it’s hard to put into words what it is that makes it so. I can write on the details of how Melanie’s words and guidance have helped me through the loss of my mom, changing career paths, leaving a poisonous relationship, and being present to my new love and now, husband.

But it wouldn’t describe my experience of her gift. When I leave a conversation with Melanie, I always walk away with a greater understanding of the whole picture. The cloudiness and frustrations are put in their place and my path simply appears, like it’s been there all along.

It’s not because she solves the puzzle for me, but she has a way to ask just the right questions to help me get to the point. Get to the answer inside myself. She turns on the light. Melanie’s genuine presence allows me to feel completely supported and truly heard. From there, it seems the answers simply unfold. The picture becomes clear, and I feel empowered, at ease, and inspired to be myself."
Megan Downs
Body Worker and Teacher
"Real. Beautiful. Funny. Smart. Sassy. Caring. Tenacious. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Melanie Smith. Melanie brings out the best in everyone she meets, and I seriously cannot imagine my life without her in it.

I don’t know where to start or how to tell you what she has done for me. She helped me find my voice when I tried to hide it. She gave me strength and confidence when I was unsure. She saw greatness in me that not only could I not see for myself, but I had no idea how to access. She not only helped me reach the depth of my abilities, she also taught me to embrace them while learning and growing in the process.

Through guidance and wisdom, Melanie helped me go from floundering to flourishing. She has a heart of gold and will fight for you, and sometimes with you, every step of the way. Work with her, you will NEVER regret it. She will change your life. I love her dearly and I know you will, too."
Lori Tuominen
Professional Coach, ACC, CPC, CiPP, ICF and IPEC

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Inspired by these testimonials and ready to claim your success?

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"I am so grateful to say that I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Melanie Smith for the past two years. In my two years of working with Melanie, I have become a stronger, wiser, and happier version of myself.

When I first came to Melanie, I was just a girl from a small town with big dreams. The harder I worked towards achieving my dreams however, the further they would seem to be. Melanie taught me the difference between being a hard worker and working myself too hard.

With Melanie’s guidance, I went from being someone who often pushed themselves too hard and overthought my decisions and work to the point where I would be left feeling lost, to someone who was able to trust my work, craft, and talent. The anxiety I have dealt with my whole life, without knowing it, had me building walls within myself that would block any and all emotions from being felt and released. During our time together, Melanie helped me recognize that these barriers existed, understand where they came from, and helped me learn how to break them down. I had not realized that my poor coping skills played a huge role in my ability to grow fully as the artist I so longed to be as well as an individual in general, until Melanie worked with me in finding ways to overcome them and helped me grow to be who I am today. With Melanie’s help, I have been able to allow myself to feel emotions fully without fear, acknowledge when I would be holding back, and let myself be free from all constraints I had put on myself.

Melanie is one of the most brilliant, hysterical, and most talented women I have ever met. She uses her successes she reached throughout her hard work and the hardships she has overcome to help others in such a beautiful way. She has helped me climb over mountains that I thought were too steep. She has given me the strength to accept that I am not perfect, accept that I will make mistakes, that not every day will be a great day, and how to deal with all these things in a positive way. I used to see myself as someone who struggled with wanting to be optimistic but would often be pessimistic due to a heavy load I was carrying and not coping with. Not to mention, as someone who strives for perfection and is often too hard on myself, I would find daily that I would struggle with feeling defeated often.

Today, I am solely optimistic about every hardship that comes my way. I am more confident in myself and love myself more than I ever knew was possible and was shown how important it is to listen to yourself and take care of yourself. To put into words how much Melanie has changed my life would not do justice. Melanie is the most nurturing, loving, and caring person I have truly ever gotten to know and has this orb of light surrounding her wherever she goes and to whom anyone she speaks. She radiates love and positivity that is contagious. She has such an incredible talent for helping others figure their way through life and help make life more manageable. It was such a great blessing to have Melanie be a part of my team, supporting my career and helping me grow. Without her guidance, I would not be where I am today."
Brooke Elardo
"Melanie’s expertise, education and life experiences make her a skilled mentor and life coach. It’s almost magic; the way in which she will help you see things in from another perspective and guides you to the path that is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to heal your heart or physical body, change your diet, or make better life choices, Melanie is the person to see.

After 15 years of imbalances in my body and many visits to doctors, homeopaths, and acupuncturists, I was confused. After trying so many different ways to get better without success or reaching any state of balance and well-being I was about to give up. I sometimes felt hopeless about ever feeling good in my own skin again. During my first consultation with Melanie, it was such a relief to finally have someone who fully understood the root of my problems and how to address them. She taught me what I needed to do to stay healthy and I no longer spend a fortune on doctors’ appointments or alternative medicine experts.

Melanie has been a catalyst of change for many things in my life. After years of trying yoga on and off I ended up in her beautiful studio where she introduced me to the true meaning of yoga and wellness. I call Melanie “my health and wellness guru” and I am profoundly grateful that my path in life crossed hers."
Mei-li Wu
Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Yoga Community Leader
"If we are made of stardust, then Melanie Smith is due north. While her star shines bright, she skillfully invites all those around her to ignite their own inner lights of wisdom and love. Generous with her heart and mind, Melanie has a unique way of guiding people to their highest selves while dancing and rejoicing with them all the way. I’ve known Melanie for almost ten years and am awed by the depth of her intelligence, thirst for knowledge and desire to serve others. I am blessed to call her my teacher and my friend. I have never known anyone like her!"
Sherry Sadoff Hanck
Yoga Teacher, Community Leader, Blogger, and Founder of Drop and Give Me Yoga
"Melanie’s insight, intuition, intelligence and cut to the core essence of who you are, is an amazing gift that will simply blow your mind. In less than an hour! There is no better life coach I have come across in 30 years of traveling the world than Melanie. She is considered, by anyone who has ever worked with her, to be a guiding light that will rock your world.

Whether it is helping you build a greater life, mend a broken heart or to grab a healthy dose of her truly illuminating positive perspective, Melanie is the person to see. Simply, she will change your life and move you forward to the best possible path you may ever hope to travel."
Eric Yaverbaum
CEO of Ericho Communications, New York Times Best-Selling Author of six books, including "Leadership Secrets of the World's Most Successful CEO's"
"I am at a loss to find the perfect words to describe Melanie’s depth, authenticity, and love for the world. Having her as a mentor, coach and friend, I can, with absolute certainty, say that she will change your life. Her words, passion, and energy will inspire you to be better and bigger.

She will move you to take action on levels that you never thought possible. Her evidence based, purpose driven approach is infused with her wisdom, love, and kindness. Working with her is a must."
Leanne Jacobs
Holistic Wealth and Leadership Expert, Author of "30 Days To Wealth", Founder of HealthyGirl, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

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Inspired by these testimonials and ready to claim your success?

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"Melanie has a unique ability to see into your soul and to know what you are capable of. She sees your strengths and helps you build on them. Though she is not blind to your weaknesses, she knows that to simply focus on them, instead of understanding and working with them, does not serve you in building your best and most fulfilling life.

I have had the privilege to work for Melanie, I have worked with her, and I have been coached by her…in each of those circumstances I felt seen, heard, cared for and uplifted. Some of the things I love most about Melanie are her abilities to stay positive, to see the good and move you towards it and to never fall into the trap of negativity towards or about anybody. Ever."
Karen Eisen
E-RYT500, Specializing in Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga
"Melanie Smith has forever touched our souls with her generosity and spirit. She was the catalyst in helping our dreams become a reality. When we connected with Melanie, it was fate, and she graciously opened her arms wide and took us in at a time when we needed it most. She attentively listened to our story and our desires for the future.

Then, knowing what it would take for us to reach our destination, accepted us into her teacher training program. The benefits of a long-term yoga practice helped us gracefully move through a 10-year struggle in which we dealt with, and healed from, a life-threatening illness.

The practice of yoga had been our constant reminder, in the most difficult moments, that life was a gift. It was only natural to want to share this practice with others going through similar struggles. Melanie’s commitment to Chris and me has paid off in countless ways and thus began our journey back to our lives and purpose. Her innovative approach to her program was unlike all others and it led us on a true awakening journey highlighting all the elements that encompass a genuine practice of health and happiness.

She has a beauty like no other, one that radiates from the inside out. She is innovative, lively, and wickedly funny. As a coach and a guide there is simply no one like her. We could all aspire to be a bit more like Mel. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Melanie. We love you."
Stephanie and Chris MoDavis
Owners, Operators, and Teachers of "YogaMos"
"I participated in the search for happiness my whole life, though, yoga, meditation, exercise, religion…you name it, I studied it. Fifty disappointing years of reaching out for the feeling that would inevitably dissipate when I would face a loss, or a challenge I was unable to handle gracefully.

I met Melanie shortly after my late husband became seriously ill and eventually died. I was roaming this earth with my eyes to the ground. Melanie started to work with me on accepting the fact that I could find JOY in the midst of this deep pain. To me the concept of JOY was nothing more than an exaggerated state of happiness. Through my work with Melanie, I finally I understand the GIFT of JOY; the permanent expression of appreciation that abides in the soul even during the most profound losses.

Happiness is something I no longer strive…it finds me. Meaning and purpose are my daily practices and grounding anchors now. Melanie has retrained my responses to loss, pain, and challenges, by leading me to an understanding that life will always present a loss of one kind of another. It is how I respond to those times that will tell the tale of my life. Through our work together I can honestly say I have found true peace of mind and a constant sense of wellbeing. Melanie was an answered prayer."

Donna A.
Professional Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Beauty Guru
"My experience with Melanie Smith in her capacity as a Grief Counselor and advisor was extremely effective. I found her to be easy to talk too, with great listening skills and her feedback was both timely and constructive. As we worked together on my journey, I felt fully supported and encouraged to find my way back to center and wellness. I would recommend Melanie without any hesitation and know that whomever she works with will get her complete attention and make great progress."
Linda Breen
Wellness Leader
"Working with Melanie changed my life. She led me to resolve past issues that held me back; she helped me gain a greater sense of peace than I can ever remember feeling; and if that weren’t enough, she also lit the way for me to begin shaping the future of my dreams."
Laura Chanelle
Mental Healthcare & Addiction Worker

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"’I once was lost, but now I’m found…was blind, but now, I see.’ These are some of the awesome words from ‘Amazing Grace.’ When I think of Melanie, these are the words that come to my mind. I had previously tried 4-5 therapists and a psychiatrist but was still quite screwed up.

When I first met Melanie it was as if the stars had finally aligned for me. She listened and encouraged me to talk. Right from the beginning, she was kind, caring and sensitive, but more importantly, Melanie held me to an extremely high degree of accountability and honesty. There were to be no excuses and I had to be fully committed to our work together! Melanie called my bluff.

While initially uneasy with this prospect, I decided that I really needed to get in touch with myself. I had many issues of trauma and an enormous number of demons hidden in my closet. Only by addressing each and every one and finally finding resolution was I able to become actuated and release the heavy burden I had been shouldering.

After completing my initial work with Melanie, which was the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, I suddenly found a sense of true happiness. I was no longer shackled by my past. I now owned it, instead of it owning me. I felt liberated. My soul was finally free! That was several years ago. I still go to weekly sessions with Melanie. Thanks to her, I have my life back."

Lee Faden
"Melanie has helped me to make positive changes in my life in areas such as grief, personal boundaries, and my role as a parent and friend. The biggest difference for me in working with Melanie as opposed to anyone else is that with her guidance, I am able to see my life as it is in reality and not as it is in my mind. Changes now have an amazing permanent impact because I’m dealing with what’s real and not what I think is real.

She has an uncanny way at getting to the heart of the matter quickly, but gently leads you there with kindness and empathy. She asks thought-provoking questions that I find myself still answering years later as a way of maintaining my perspective in reality—thus warding off anxiety and self-doubt. I even tattooed one of her questions on my arm because it forever changed my perspective!

Melanie is brilliant, funny and has an energy about her that is magic. She promotes strength and clarity, and her way of articulating complex issues is masterfully simple and life changing. She is my number one GO TO person!"

Patti L.
Designer, Master Jewelry Maker and Philanthropist
"I met Melanie during a very difficult period of my life and she was nothing less than a beacon of light, love and hope. As a psychiatrist trained in conventional Western medicine, I was a bit skeptical that her process would 'work.'

But despite years of seeing various mental health professionals, I found myself increasingly miserable in my career, miserable in my relationships, and miserable in my own skin. I was ready to try something different.

To be honest, I met the work with a lot of resistance. Mostly because it is really hard work! I was used to showing up at my therapist’s office and basically dumping my problems onto her. Melanie’s approach requires complete honesty and humility along with tenacity and dedication to the process. I am happy to report that the process works.

Melanie could not be a better coach. I felt immensely supported through the entire process. She is accessible and responsive. She asks just the right questions to help you dig deeper. I grew up in a family system in which I rarely felt “seen” and I felt like Melanie really “saw” me. Working with Melanie was truly healing. I am still in transition and not sure exactly what the future holds. But for the first time I feel like I have the tools to navigate through the unknown toward the perfect life for me. Thank you Melanie!"
Kristin Hicks
"Melanie changed my life. Personally, professionally, and profoundly.

When we started our work together, I was looking to increase revenue and reach. I had no idea that what was standing in my way was, well, me. After peeling back layers of old ideas, deep beliefs as well as organizational issues my ROI in life, my relationships and my business skyrocketed.

I have to be honest, working with Melanie feels a bit like magic but really, it’s pure skill. I have never seen anything like it. More importantly, I have everything I have ever wanted.

I literally owe it all to her. If you’re serious about hiring a coach…run, don’t walk!"

Charles Negrin
CEO Kimba Inc., Leaders in Retail Construction & Commercial Development
"When I am faced with major life decisions, Melanie Smith is the person I go to for guidance. She has been a beacon of light in my life, gently guiding me as I navigate my own path and manifest my dreams. She has been a compass professionally and in my personal life. Melanie is not only a role model to me, but an inspiration as well. She is successful in everything & anything she pours her heart into from acting to teaching to life coaching & beyond. Melanie’s faith in me has helped me build a foundation of confidence in myself. But, whenever I’m in doubt… I just channel my inner Mel!"
Erin Hearty
Executive Fitness Director and Yoga Teacher
"Melanie is an energetic, loving, devoted professional with a kind and compassionate heart. On both a personal and professional level, she takes the time to get to know you. She’s supportive and encourages openness, learning opportunities and growth experiences.

Melanie has a contagious passion and a strong yet empathic approach to life coaching. One of her greatest strengths is recognizing a client’s gift and providing counsel around how to bring it to light.

Years after our time together, I still use the techniques Melanie taught me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking counsel for professional development, grief, or personal empowerment."
Esme Artz
WHYY Public Relations and Communications

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