The big picture of your greatest life is not a selfie!

Heal Your Past. Ignite Your Soul

Relationships are the key to your greatest life!

Healing and self-knowledge are the keys to great relationships.

Growth-minded people understand that strong personal, romantic, and community relationships are the single most important predictor of life satisfaction.

In one of the world’s longest studies on adult life (conducted by Harvard University over the span of 80 years), it was proven that solid relationships are the path to deeper self-understanding, self-actualization, and collaboration.

But most importantly to good health. Great relationships also contribute to longevity and real, sustainable happiness.

In order to have deep, meaningful relationships one must be whole, healthy, and healed from past disappointments. So, if you’re broken-hearted, feeling discouraged, desperately want to get your “life back,” build deeper relationships with family, friends, community, or experience deep and enduring love again (or you want to truly love for the first time) — I’m so glad you’re here.

My love language is helping you win.

As a Relationship Coach and a Divorce Recovery Expert, I can help you change your relationship with yourself, to others, and help you heal from your past so you can ignite your most profound and dynamic future.

My 10-week program is a perfect starting point to completing your unfinished business, healing your heart, and creating the future you are destined to live.

All the negative beliefs that we carry, the ones that control and limit our lives, start with a broken heart.

From a very young age, the experiences of loss, heartache, and disappointments begin.

Most of the time the choices we make in the present are subconsciously trying to remedy hurts and fears that occurred in the past.

Shining a light on these unresolved, sometimes undiscovered heartaches, and learning to complete and forgive them, is a remarkable act in un-cluttering a heart and preparing it for deep, healing love to move in!

Because if you do not address your past, your future relationships will.

Why does it mean so much to me to help get you to a place of deep, enduring love?

I know firsthand that…

  • We have all felt shame and hurt in relationships and desire a safe partner that has our back and our best interest at heart. We long to be a part of a thriving community and loving partnership.
  • We must master this part of our lives out if we don’t want added stress, ill health, or spend our lives lonely and alone.
  • We develop and self-actualize more together than we can on our own.
  • Our lives are more colorful and meaningful when we understand how to deeply connect with people, a life partner, or family members year after year and day after day.
  • A happy, loving, romantic relationship is the greatest life adventure and most profound experience we will ever be blessed with throughout our lives.

I want to help you get there!

Are you ready to heal your broken heart and love deeply again?

Reach out by completing the form below and I’ll get in touch!

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