Expert coaches have expert coaches.

It's time to master your skills

If you’re struggling to find the clients who will benefit most from your work, find the stable income you’re looking for, find your niche or edge in this highly desired and competitive field, or if you long to become outstanding in your abilities as a coach, you can cross one thing off your list… you found me.

I am the coach’s coach. As a Certified Mentor Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of coaches develop their coaching and question asking skills, evolve their listening and intuition, understand the bioenergetic aspects of coaching, refine their innate talents and define their most impactful niche.

When you work with me, we’ll:

  • Decode your true gifts as a coach
  • Design and develop your business, brand, and mission
  • Kickstart your practice
  • Elevate your presence in the field
  • Get past your money blocks to build a high earning practice
  • Take you out of your head and into your heart, the most critical coaching skill

As a mentor coach, I help teachers, coaches, and leaders to refine their skills, clarify their message, and learn how to speak to their clients and audiences.

If you want high-level mentorship in refining your coaching, reach out.

Are you ready to accelerate your coaching and reach new heights?

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*Please note: This level of support is only intended for certified coaches, certified yoga teachers, and accredited teachers and counselors.

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