A Breath Away from Back Pain: The Key to Prevention

Chronic back pain affects as many as 70 million people in the United States alone—and, chances are, you have known at least one of them. Whether it is a friend, family member, loved one or perhaps, yourself there is some good news on the horizon. Just read on. The solution to preventing and treating this […]

Focus On Yourself

Turning inward for just 10 minutes a day can put your life back into perspective Here’s an interesting question to ponder: What do Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Halle Berry, David Lynch and The Beatles have in common? You might be thinking it’s that they’re all world-famous, richly talented and highly innovative people. Or […]

Wellness is Bigger Than We Thought

As quickly as we’ve grown to grasp the concept, do we understand it in its entirety? Growing up, wellness was such a different concept than we hold today. Back then, it meant simply the opposite of being ill. It was comprised of none of the holistic and preventative aspects of the modern version. A so-called […]